We look at Medsaway as a game changing product this is the right way to get rid of unwanted medication truly,’ says Marketing VP Chris Gowin of Apothecary Products Incorporated.. Apothecary, Verde introduce Medsaway medication disposal system Apothecary Products, Inc. This unique item allows you to get rid of unwanted and old medicines including narcotics, liquid medication, transdermal patches and managed substances. Is very very happy to have produced an agreement with Verde Environmental Systems to bring this important advancement to consumers. Each single-use disposable Medsaway device will have the capability to neutralize about 45 capsules or pills.Kinesia, formerly ParkinSense, is a gadget produced by CleveMed to monitor these symptoms either in the clinic or at home. That is important because over the course of a day, a patient’s symptoms range from dramatic shifts from tremor to dyskinesia producing activities of everyday living difficult. More constant monitoring and tracking of indicator fluctuation patterns can offer better insight on how symptoms respond to prescription interventions or methods such as deep mind stimulation. Objectively quantifying motor symptoms of movement disorders such as Parkinson’s disease and essential tremor is critical to understanding adjustments in response to interventions. Symptom fluctuation patterns are difficult to capture during an office visit , stated Joseph Giuffrida, PhD, Director of the Division of Movement Disorders at CleveMed.