You can view the City of Roswell’s 2030 Comprehensive Program, which demarcates Wordes’ property as future Conservation Region or Greenspace here: So that it appears as though the town of Roswell used the supposed neighbor complaint as an excuse to pursue Wordes’ property for the purpose of eventually making it parks and green space. This might explain why the city failed to properly maintain storm drinking water infrastructure near Wordes’ home, which resulted in his property becoming severely flooded at least a dozen times, and eventually uninhabitable.Vulgaris also increased the expression of capsase 8, a gene that takes on a central function in the execution phase of cell apoptosis . These findings offer a graphic exemplory case of how what we chose to put into our bodies governs just how our genes go to town. The more we’re able to regulate gene expression, the higher the control we’ve over our physiological destiny. More recent research shows other anti-cancer bioactivity of chlorella, including its ability to inhibit the COX-2 enzyme that leads to cancer-leading to inflammation and the pain that accompanies it. Chlorella was shown to have anti-thrombotic results that can business lead to increased blood circulation and reduce the possibility of platelet aggregation that may induce blood clots.