Truth checks on vaccine, supply chain, telework problems Among plenary and breakout classes addressing such worries are: Responding to H1N1 with vaccines and antivirals: slicing through the fog Avoiding transmission in the workplace: discerning truth from fiction How three world-leading businesses responded in the first days of H1N1 Travel administration: sharing policies and result in factors for restricting travel Dealing with differing rules of the road by city, county, state and country The effect of the pandemic on your supply chain: determining and addressing gaps The CIDRAP summit will focus on ensuring participants learn tips, tools and strategies they can apply immediately. A complete roster of more than 50 speakers, the entire agenda and registration information are available at the summit Site.How he got there is a tale that began tragically a lot more than two years ago whenever a close family members friend passed away from pancreatic cancer. Andraka wanted to invent a method to fight the disease that takes 100 lives a day. And, he discovered one – – a paper sensor that detects pancreatic tumor in its early phases – – 28 times quicker and much less expensively than anything else. Andraka said he developed the theory when he was just 14 years aged in his high school biology class.