Researchers show that certain health problems are related to adjustments in the gut flora, such as for example could be induced by overuse of antibiotics. Since changes in diet can influence composition of the gut flora, health issues such as obesity might be targeted by dietary interventions made to suppress bacteria that contribute to weight gain. ‘Nevertheless, for these to be successful, we need to know which bacterial patterns not merely are associated with disease, but actually contribute to it,’ says Walter, noting that his research showed that some alterations associated with metabolic disease may be the consequence, rather than the reason behind the disorder.Regulus and AstraZeneca try to collaborate on three distinctive microRNA targets: AstraZeneca offers selected miR-103/107, microRNA-19, and includes a contractual correct to decide on a third microRNA focus on. Today, Regulus announced that AstraZeneca chosen the initial clinical development candidate beneath the alliance, RG-125 , targeting miR-103/107 for the treating NASH in sufferers with type 2 diabetes/pre-diabetes. Up to now, under the conditions of the strategic alliance, AstraZeneca has paid $28.0 million to Regulus, with a $25.0 million upfront payment. Regulus provides earned a $2.5 million milestone payment for the medical candidate selection announced today. Furthermore to these obligations, Regulus is permitted receive up to $495.5 million in future milestone obligations.