Antidepressant drug product sales plummet as patents expire and individuals flee to safer alternatives The market for antidepressant drugs is usually quickly drying up as patents on long-time blockbusters like Lexapro, owned by Forest Laboratories, and Seroquel, possessed by AstraZeneca, continue to expire. And because they’re unable to develop brand-new multi-billion-dollar blockbuster drugs to take their locations, many drug producers are completely ditching the antidepressant business, especially as studies continue steadily to emerge showing that antidepressants are largely worthless and cause more damage than good Levitra-och-Cialis.html . A recent Reuters report seems to bemoan the actual fact that development of a fresh antidepressant drug ceased after it had been discovered that the drug was ineffective.

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Once more, it seems that so long as there are earnings to be made, everybody in the pharmaceutical market is happy, of the negative effect on the environment regardless. In fact, I don’t believe you even hear very much talk at all these times about pharmaceutical companies attempting to protect the surroundings. It’s virtually just, Right here, take this drug, pay us $100 a pill, and flush it down the toilet then. After that, we don’t wish to think about it anymore. .. Antidepressant drugs within drinking water; pharmaceuticals have grown to be environmental pollutants now Pharmaceuticals are being within drinking water now, according to a report conducted in England. The study looked at 12 pharmaceuticals considered to pose an environmental threat, including painkillers, antibiotics, and antidepressants, and it found traces of these pharmaceuticals in both sewage drinking and waters drinking water.