An Overview of Gynecomastia Surgery The end result that a gynecomastia surgery provides is the reduced amount of an overly large male breast. More referred to as male breast reduction surgery popularly, this procedure is preferred by a lot of men who are extremely uncomfortable of their big breasts. The decrease in breast size is normally brought about by any of the following methods such as liposuction, removal of excess glandular tissue and a combination of excision and liposuction us statistic .

Similarly, 78 % of patients on the 25-mg doses were cured by the end of treatment, and 67 % at the test-of-cure check out. The decline in prices directly resulted from patients receiving either additional antibiotics or surgery between the end of their treatments and their test-of-cure visits. The 50 mg group also had a higher overall bacterial eradication rate at the ultimate end of therapy, 74 %, compared to the 62 % price of the 25 mg group. At the test-of-cure visit, the prices were 70 and 56, respectively.