Bottom line? If you’re waiting for an answer to the cell phone-brain cancer question, consider yourself on keep. .. Mobile phones affect brain activity, research says Do cell phones cause cancer? New study doesn’t response that nagging question, but it raises new concerns. In a scholarly research of 47 cellular phone users, scientists showed that a 50-minute cell contact boosts metabolic activity in the region of the mind nearest the telephone antenna. The preliminary research – conducted by researchers in Sweden and at the University of Washington between Jan. 1 and Dec. 31, 2009 – utilized high-tech imaging scans to track metabolism of the sugars glucose, which is known as a marker of activity. No-one knows specifically what to create of the selecting. But scientists are phoning in with their views.The award-winning Tumor Survival Toolbox and other resources and information can be found at About Patient Advocate Base Patient Advocate Basis was founded in 1996 as a nationwide 5013 business with a objective of safeguarding sufferers with chronic, existence threatening, and/or debilitating illnesses assuring usage of care, maintenance of employment and preservation of their monetary stability. Through this ongoing work, its patients attended to trust PAF as the providers of educational equipment and direct support which allow them to gain access to quality healthcare. To learn more, visit About Prevent Cancer Foundation The Prevent Cancer Foundation was were only available in 1985. Today, it is among the nation’s leading wellness institutions and has catapulted cancers avoidance to prominence.