Anti-epilepsy drug phenobarbital stunts neuronal growth Could a Georgetown University INFIRMARY study of undesireable effects of phenobarbital on brain synapses in rat pups help explain cognitive deficits in kids treated with the medication after birth?A brain study in infant rats demonstrates that the anti-epilepsy medication phenobarbital stunts neuronal development, which could prompt new queries about using the first-line drug to take care of epilepsy in human newborns. In Annals of Neurology EarlyView posted online May 11, researchers at Georgetown University Medical Center report that the anti-epilepsy medication phenobarbital given to rat pups in regards to a week previous changed what sort of animals’ brains were wired, causing cognitive abnormalities in lifestyle later .

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Dr Robert Niven, the business lead trial investigator, from the North West Lung Centre at Wythenshawe Medical center, says there are few choices for patients with serious asthma other than prescribing even more steroids, and those can have side effects. He says antifungal treatment for those sensitised to fungi may be a useful additional strategy to enhance the breathing and general health of these individuals. Despite the fact that the procedure experience with itraconazole was limited it is said simply by him suggests fewer admissions to hospital for asthma.. Antifungal drug could improve lives of thousands of asthmatics Researchers in the united kingdom say that antifungal drugs could be the key to improving the lives of a large number of asthmatics.