About one young child in 2000 develops leukaemia prior to the age of 15 years. Although we don’t however understand its causes, researchers have studied a number of possible explanations including genetic susceptibility, ionising radiation, uncommon patterns of contact with infection, and electromagnetic fields. The energy system produces low frequency electric and magnetic areas extremely, and since 1979 there has been concern that these areas may be connected with cancer. In 2001, the International Agency for Research on Cancer classified extremely low frequency magnetic fields as ‘possibly carcinogenic’ while others, such as the UK Childhood Cancers Study, dispute the chance. Over 29,000 kids with cancer, including 9,700 with leukaemia, were contained in the scholarly study, the largest of its kind to date.Man-made pollen will not possess the same exclusive properties, though it really is chemically identical even, as far as technology can determine. When laboratory synthesized pollen is definitely fed to bees, they die though all the known nutrients can be found even. Even with the most recent technology, science cannot identify a few of the special elements which exist in bee pollen. These elements tend the same types that hold the crucial to its powers. Little doses effective against malignancy in miceA study released in the Journal of the National Tumor Institute in October 1948 demonstrated the consequences of bee pollen on mice which were specifically bred to build up and die of cancerous tumors. The mice in the control group created tumors needlessly to say at the average age of 31.3 weeks. The bee pollen group that was just fed one component bee pollen to 10,000 parts meals got a delayed onset of tumors by 10 weeks that was statistically significant.