Clinic President and CEO Betsy Pfromm thanked Councilman Parks for his leadership on the issue by quoting Frederick Douglas: ‘It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men,’ said Ms. Pfromm, noting that Federal Reserve economists, a Nobel laureate and Rand research have all documented the cost effectiveness in buying early childhood services. They reported their findings at the 2005 American Society for Microbiology Biodefense Study Meeting.It’s focusing on how to work sensible. I have hardly ever been in a situation where, actually, I couldn’t do something.’ Dr. Wu recalls that during her fellowship, she was asked to reduce a dislocated hip in a big female. Dr. Wu was the 1st woman to accomplish the Aufranc fellowship in hip and knee reconstruction at New England Baptist Hospital, and her colleagues were curious to see whether a woman was up to the duty. Dr. Wu accomplished the reduction on her first attempt. The notion that women lack the strength for orthopaedic medical procedures is among the explanations why the field typically has attracted so few females. But orthopaedic surgeons such as Dr. Wu and her colleague, Teresa Cappello, MD, say they don’t have to rely on their muscle tissues. They work with power tools, utilize assistants when required and focus on appropriate technique.