Baxa launches ExactaMix 1200 Automated Compounding Device Baxa Corporation, a respected provider of medical gadgets and systems that automate pharmacy operations, today introduced the ExactaMix 1200 Automated Compounding Gadget for little – to mid-sized medical center pharmacies looking for an automated method of compounding large-volume parenteral dosages oferta click here . The ExactaMix products instantly compound sterile doses, minimizing the chance of measurement errors, incorrect drug selection, touch contamination and patient contamination in the planning of solutions for TPN, cardioplegia, dialysis and epidural delivery.2 mL, the brand new ExactaMix 1200 and accurately provides both micro and macro ingredients safely. The ExactaMix 1200 and ExactaMix 2400 will be the just ACDs with both volumetric delivery and gravimetric examine, enabling pharmacists to make sure accuracy with both quantity and fill data.