Ancient agricultural traditions like seed saving could replace disastrous GMO practices Practically everything we have all been told about the supposed benefits of biotechnology is false, at least so far as its necessity and usefulness in agriculture is concerned click here . As it turns out, traditional methods of agriculture, which consist of things like seed saving, seed posting, selective breeding, and permaculture, are far more viable and sustaining for human being life on this world than anything Monsanto has to offer in the way of genetically-modified organisms . To believe that forcing farmers to get new ‘terminator’ seeds and crop chemical substances each year from private corporations will provide any sort of long-term security for the food supply is naive at best.

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Furthermore, another feature of this burial that resembles Vedic symbolism is the burial site itself. The leper’s skeleton was interred within a big stone enclosure that were filled up with vitrified ash from burned cow dung, the most purifying and sacred of substances in Vedic tradition. The current presence of this skeleton at Balathal, the manner in which it was interred, and the preponderance of children in burial assemblages out of this time frame throughout western India recommend deep time for the foundation of these procedures still common in Vedic custom today.