Anti-obesity vaccine keeps rats trim Researchers at the Scripps Research Institute in California in the U.S naproxen vs colchicine . Have developed an anti-weight problems vaccine that significantly slowed pounds gain and decreased surplus fat in rats even when they more than ate. The team say the vaccine signifies a breakthrough in the global fight against obesity but warn it is a long way from being examined on human volunteers, and it could not work in people. However the scholarly study has revealed how certain aspects of hunger and weight gain work. The vaccine targets the hormone ghrelin, a gastric endocrine hormone produced primarily in the stomach, that was discovered in 1999 and helps control appetite in people and animals.

Apeks releases completely automated CO2 extraction program used for gas extractions Apeks is excited to announce the discharge of the 1500-1L Benchtop CO2 extraction program.’ Stated Nate Ames, Director of Engineering for Apeks.’Â Â.