All rights reserved.. California issues strict guidelines for health professionals with addiction problems News outlets report upon a variety of medical issues at the state level including stricter rules for medication abusers in medical market in California, an examination of the nation’s first city-run universal health care plan in San Francisco, a cigarette tax in Florida, sex ex-convicts and offenders in assisted living facilities in Illinois and attempts to battle medical errors in New Jersey. In a major shift, California shall impose tough new requirements on drug-abusing health professionals, strictly scrutinizing those in treatment and removing from practice anyone who relapses immediately. The rules will demand nurses, dentists and other health workers in state-run recovery programs to take at least 104 drug tests within their first year – – a lot more than double any current requirement.We’ve known for many years from behavioral studies that exposure to poverty is one of the most effective predictors of poor developmental outcomes for children, lead writer Dr. Joan L. Luby, a professor of child psychiatry at Washington University, in St. Louis, stated in a press release. An increasing number of neuroscience and brain-imaging studies recently have shown that poverty also offers a negative influence on brain development. What’s new is that our research shows the effects of poverty on the developing brain, in the hippocampus particularly, are strongly influenced by parenting and existence stresses that the kids experience, she added. Grey matter has been linked to cleverness, and white matter may be the part of the central anxious system that is in charge of transmitting signals in the brain.