But in every full case, the AlzRisk results arise from a rigorous apples-to-apples evaluation of the prevailing literature.. Benefits of hormone alternative therapy in protecting females from Alzheimer’s inconclusive A rigorous evaluation of the scientific literature reveals that the jury continues to be out with regards to hormone alternative therapy and a woman’s risk for Alzheimer’s disease. Alzforum risk elements for Alzheimer’s.They state they don’t realize any substantial scientific studies or evidence that support its make use of for the treating serious disease. That is yet another area where government regulators becoming influenced by Big Pharma are attempting to discredit the efficacy of a highly effective natural treatment for attacks. Read the information on the FDA ruling right here: Colloidal silver is made by suspending microscopic particles of silver in liquid. Silver has been used for more than 100 years not just medicinally, but as a preservative to maintain drinking water and milk fresh because it prevents the development of algae, bacteria and other undesired organisms.